Hong Kong Linux Industry Association (HKLIA) is a united initiative among Linux vendors, service providers and companies who want to extend, promote and support the adoption of Linux to companies, organisations and the public sector in Hong Kong and beyond.


The Hong Kong Linux Industry Association (HKLIA) is a non-profit making organisation. It was founded voluntarily by enthusiastic Linux vendors, service providers and companies in late 2002 .

Linux is an open source and free operating system. The benefit of using it as the base operating system is beyond simple cost reduction considerations. Very often, Linux users will be able to uncover the impressive strength of this open operating system in terms of reliability, performance, scalability and security in a multi-user and multi-tasking deployment.

The use of Linux thus results in increased productivity, lower total cost of ownership and extended product life cycle of your IT resources. Its open source nature also gives developers the opportunity of obtaining free technical resources and freedom of development. We believe Linux is not just beneficial to developers but also adds value to users and all sectors in the society. In the past, Linux promotion and encouragement was done by voluntary (and often unco-ordinated) community effort. The establishment of HKLIA is to consolidate both industry and community effort to promote the adoption of Linux from a more marketing and technical perspective. We are confident that this will benefit the industry and economy as a whole.


The primary goal is to represent the Linux industry in Hong Kong to propagate the new development of Linux to members and the general public as a business opportunity. We are offering assistance for members to grow; to increase their exposure; to increase their marketing resources and to share Linux resources. Our work includes:

  • Driving the local Linux adoption and market growth through marketing activities, including exhibition, seminar, networking and training.
  • To collaborate with overseas Linux software vendors and communities.
  • To build shared resources for the industry to help product development.
  • To improve existing Linux migration solutions, thus lowering the barrier of Linux adoption.
  • To improve the existing Linux applications by enabling double-byte (Chinese) capabilities.


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