$Id: README,v 1.5 1999/06/03 15:32:40 trockij Exp $
$Name: a3com-0-2-3 $
A3Com is a set of Perl 5 modules which allow manipulation of 3Com
SuperStack II 3900/9300 and CoreBuilder 3500 LAN switches. Currently
there are modules which can use either the SNMP or telnet interface to:
    -dump the ARP tables
    -dump bridge tables
    -search switches for a MAC address, IP address, or hostname
    -change admin passwords in batch mode
    -save and restore switch configurations via SNMP
    -upload new firmware via SNMP (batch mode)
    -and collect per-port ethernet details like current
     autonegotiation mode and duplex settings
    -keep global caches of ARP and bridge tables for fast searches
    -keep global ARP history as a merged ARP database from
A3Com requires:
    -the Perl Expect, available from CPAN
    -the UCD SNMP libraries, http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/ucd-snmp/
    -Joe Marzot's SNMP-1.8 Perl 5 module, available from CPAN
	and ftp://ftp.corpeast.baynetworks.com/netman/snmp/perl5/SNMP.tar.gz
You switches must be configured to have "inifinte" screen height in
order for some of the routines to collect their data. Log in as "adm"
and type the following:
Select menu option: sys screen 0 y
Do you want this to be the new default screen height (n,y) [y]: 
See http://www.kernel.org/software/A3Com/ for details. The software
is available from ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/software/admin/A3Com/
Please try a mirror of kernel.org, http://www.kernel.org/mirrors.html.
perl Makefile.PL
make install
Create /usr/local/etc/a3com.conf with this line in it:
GLOBALCACHEDIR = /whatever-path-you-choose/a3com-globalcache
Substitute "whatever-path-you-choose" with a path of your choice.
Be sure that /whatever-path-you-choose/a3com-globalcache exists.
In the tools/ directory are the following:
    Perform file transfer with a switch. This means save/restore a
    config, or upload new firmware.
    Backup switch configs in batch mode.
    Report info on a list of 3com devices. Returns product model,
    serial number, hardware revision, software revision, the system ID,
    and the name of the device
    Reboots a device.
    Extracts VLAN information from a list of switches, suitable for
    making disaster-recovery hardcopies of your configurations.
    Change read/write/admin passwords of switches in batch mode.
    This dumps bridge tables for a list of switches, or searches for the
    port where a particular IP address, hostname, or MAC address is seen.
    This makes use of the global ARP cache, which must be updated using
    "3cglobalcache -a".
    Maintains global caches for ARP, bridge tables, and ARP historical
    database. Run this from cron (with the proper args) every so often
    to update the global caches.
Someone needs to write it. Your best bet is to look in the tools directory
for examples.
Future Plans
I'm currently working on the historical storage of ARP data (including
conflicts and changes), and the historical tracking of bridge table
port/MAC mappings.
Good luck.
Questions and bug reports to:
Jim Trocki 
Computer System and Network Engineer
Transmeta Corporation
Santa Clara, CA