LANANA Linux Device List

Now part of the Free Standards Group

This list is the Linux Device List, the official registry of allocated device numbers and /dev directory nodes for the Linux operating system.

NOTICE: As of 2002-03-06, LANANA's Linux Device Number Registration has resumed.

At the request of Alan Cox and Marcelo Tosatti, new device number registrations have begun again. If you submitted a registration request after May, 2001 and have not received a device assignment, please re-submit your request if you still need a device number allocated. We apologize if this has created an inconvenience for you. Priority will be given based on the date of your original request by consulting our email archive.

Please do not submit your request(s) until you are ready to have your device driver included in one of the Linux kernel source trees, and have obtained preliminary approval from either Alan, Marcelo or Linus that your driver will be accepted. Until that time, please use device numbers from the local/experimental range.

Also note that the maintainer of the Linux Device List is now John Cagle.

H. Peter Anvin remains in an advisory role for device list registration and will be expanding his duties in the other LANANA areas.

Please note that these files contain the latest published assignments. There may be additional assignments which have not yet been published.

To obtain new Linux device number assignments, first read these instructions and then submit your completed request (do not use HTML email format) to:

John Cagle [email protected]

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