This is a bug fix release. Begin3 Title: autofs Version: 3.1.1 Entered-date: 09APR98 Description: autofs is a kernel-assisted automounter for Linux. It supports a variety of query methods, and is intended to be compatible with the Solaris automounter (although currently it still lacks some features.) The kernel driver is included with the standard kernel; this package contains the daemon. Keywords: autofs automount amd yp nis nis+ hesiod Author: (H. Peter Anvin) Maintained-by: (H. Peter Anvin) Primary-site: /pub/linux/daemons/autofs 53661 autofs-3.1.1.tar.gz Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/system/mount Platforms: Linux. To support NIS+ or Hesiod, the appropriate libraries are required. Copying-policy: GPL End