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Project Title :
SME OSS/Linux Popularization Program and Success Case Sharing
Funded by SME Development Fund, Trade & Industry Department of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Organized by Hong Kong Linux Industry Association
Implemented by Hong Kong Productivity Council
Sponsored by IBM and Novell
Supported by Hong Kong Chamber of Small & Medium Businesses, Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association and SME Global Alliance

Open Source Software (OSS)/Linux technology is widely recognized and adopted by global countries, and provides a cost-effective IT solution platform to enterprises. With the enforcement of the Hong Kong and Mainland China Government in deploying licensed software, SMEs are having increased pressure in implementing commercial software, facing an escalating high cost structure of licensing fees and constant upgrade.On the contrary, due to its free license nature, OSS is definitely providing a better choice for end users.

On the other hand, the emergence of OSS/Linux where the source codes are available for users to use, modify and re-distribute, which provides vast opportunities for SMEs to leverage on OSS/Linux technologies for the benefits of its IT implementation. With the deployment of OSS/Linux, SMEs has the opportunity to lower their IT investment, as well as reducing the operating costs, ultimately upgrade their skill set, achieve higher productivity and become more competitive.

Project activities will include :

  • Organise SME recruitment seminar, a maximum of 15 SMEs will be publicly invited to join the program.They will serve as our OSS/Linux Technology ambassadors.
  • Organise OSS/Linux service provider recruitment round table focus group, a maximum of 10 OSS/Linux service providers will be invited to join the program. Implementation agent shall perform integration test requirement and carry out compatibility test on those OSS/Linux solutions provided by the service providers. Those success OSS/Linux solutions will be put into the recommended list and publicly announced.
  • Engage a third party consultant to assess the SMEˇ¦s OSS/Linux requirements, recommend and assist the SMEs to select the right OSS/Linux solution and prepare the 6-month implementation plan.
  • The project team will assist 15 SMEs to enter into agreement with OSS/Linux service providers, the service fee will depend on the OSS/Linux solution deployed with associated service content. A third party consultant will be assigned as the project and quality assurance manager for the implementation project.
  • Identify the outstanding implementation cases and issue merit certificate for the success cases.
  • Write up success case story for the past Linux business solutions, as well as the success cases in this project. Together with the Hong Kong OSS/Linux service provider information, we shall publish 2,000 copies of the ˇ§Hong Kong SME OSS/Linux Success Implementation Cases and Service Provider Directoryˇ¨.
  • Organise an OSS/Linux Popularization Program result announcement seminar and run the associated promotion campaign through the mass media.
  • Organise four SME OSS/Linux Popularization Program seminars, invite representing SMEs and OSS/Linux service providers to share their success cases to the SMEs, we expect each seminar will attract 100-200 attendees.
  • We shall prepare project web site to publish the SME OSS/Linux Popularization Program materials, OSS/Linux software integration test results and implementation success cases.

9 October, 2007 Invite Software developers to submit solutions
7 November, 2007
25 February, 2008
11 July, 2008
22 September, 2008
28 October, 2008
12 December, 2008
20 February, 2009
29 June, 2009

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