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May 2003

Hong Kong has put in place various institutions and associations committed to the growth of the electronics and technologies industries, in an aim to foster Hong Kong as the electronics and technologies business hub of Asia and the gateway of China. Major industrial affiliations helping the electronics manufacturing industry to congregate and to identify latest technologies, products, design trends as well as to network include the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Association(HKEIA), the Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association (HKETA), the Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturing Association (HKCCMA), the Hong Kong Semiconductor Industry Council (HKSIC), and the Hong Kong Linux Industry Association(HKLIA) .

There are also statutory bodies set up by the government for the same purpose ¡V the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation(HKSTP) and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC).

The HKSTP strives to lead the transformation of Hong Kong into Asia¡¦s hub for technology innovation in electronics, biotechnology, precision engineering and information technology and telecommunications industries. The HKSTP offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to the needs of the industry at various stages, ranging from management and technical support programs to providing land and premises in the three industrial estates totaling 239 hectares for high-tech manufacturing.

Meanwhile, the HKPC is a multi-disciplinary organization to promote increased productivity and efficient methods for various business sectors. With 29 centres of excellence, 10 testing laboratories, as well as exhibition and training facilities, HKPC provides a diverse range of services in manufacturing, IT, and environmental technologies, and management systems to clients from various sectors. HKPC provides a comprehensive range of consul corporate management, product design, manufacturing technologies, sales & marketing, enterprise IT and environmental management.

This picture is taken at the corporate square of the HKSTP with the Auditorium on the background.

Front row (L to R) Professor Chan, K.B., Chairman, HKEIA; Mr. Tan, E. Anthony, Chief Executive Officer, HKSTP; Mr. Fung, Wilson, Executive Director, HKPC, and Dr. Keung, W.C., President, HKCCMA.

Rear row (L to R) Mr. Leung, Humphrey, Vice Chairman, HKSIC; Mr. Wong, M.Y., Chairman, HKETA; Mr. Tang, Thomas, Hon. Chairman, HKCCMA; Mr. Ng, W.H. Hon. Chairman, HKETA, and Mr. Kan, Alan, Chairman, HKLIA.

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