Congratulatory Message by

Dr. Samson Tam, JP

Member of Legislative Council

(Information Technology Constituency)

It is well known that Korea has proceeded economic restructuring since long time ago. Over the past twenty years, Korea vigorously promoted the technology industry. Over the past decade, it also actively developed the innovation and creative industry and made a lot of achievements. Its related products have successfully entered worldwide markets including Hong Kong.

Indeed, the success of Korean brands and its innovation and creative industry should be contributed to their appropriate government policies and industrial strategies. It is really a good example worthy of our reference.

There exists both competition and co-operation between Hong Kong and Korea. I believe it is very important and meaningful for Hong Kong Linux Industry Association to organize a study mission to Korea at this moment. I am sure the delegation will develop synergy with the Korean counterpart and be beneficial to both Hong Kong and Korea.

I sincerely wish the Korean delegation a great and full success!

Samson Tam

Legislative Councilor (Information Technology Constituency)