About the Sponsor - Mobile Technology Convergence Center

Mobile Technology Convergence Center(MTCC) is funded by the Korea government. She is equipped with a variety of infrastructures, including the Mobile Testing Laboratory. MTCC offers a package-type business support system where infrastructures, R&D and business support service(technical/ marketing) are closely linked.

Main Business

  • Mobile Test Certification: International Standards Certification(KOLAS, GCF, PTCRB), Reliability test, support equipment for testing/analysis

  • Research and Development: Development of next generation convergence media, intelligent automobile, etc.

  • Technical Support: Support for development of new products, consulting for design and reverse engineering, etc.

  • Business Support Services: support for enhancing the market-oriented convergence technology, global marketing, etc.

Mobile Technology Convergence Center
891-5, Daecheon-Dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu,
704-801, South Korea.
TEL: +82 53602 1857
FAX: +82 53592 9102