At Hong Kong International Airport

Check in
Drinking bear
Group photo taken at Hong Kong International Airport before departure.
Onboard the Plane KE608 to Seoul
There is a USB port for charging handheld devices.
Touch down at Incheon International Airport
Queuing up for check-in to Daegu
Waiting for the flight
Aerial views on approaching to Daegu
Landed on Daegu International Airport and waiting for luggage.
Group photo at Daegu International Airport
Mr. Leung Ding Kau, Mr. Alan Kan and Mr. Manuel Eluguio were among the VIP guests took part at the Opening Ceremony of IICE 2011
VIP guided tour of the IICE 2011
After the welcoming dinner hosted by Mobile Technology Convergence Centre, the city night walk was started.
We are back to the hotel and it ends the long day activity.
Scripts: Alan Kan Photos: Emil Chan, John Lee, Alan Kan, Vincent Shiu