Message by

Mr. Alan Kan

Chief Delegate

On behalf of Hong Kong Linux Industry Association, I welcome the delegates. It is my honour and glory to lead a prominent team of ICT gurus from Hong Kong and Macau. The delegates are deriving from 15 renowned ICT organizations. It is an unprecedented representation.

In the 12th 5 Year Plan of China, network convergence for TV broadcasting, telephone and Internet is on the move. Convergence will continue to take place in media, telecommunication and devices. This is an opportunity for ICT emerging with traditional industries.

Korea is among the forerunners in ICT convergence arena. The upcoming International IT Convergence Exhibition 2011 in Daegu features the latest 3D convergence, IT Health, Mobile and 4G communications.

Hong Kong Linux Industry Association organizes this study mission aiming at the following key objectives:

  • To visit the International IT Convergence Exhibition in Daegu and update the latest ICT technology
  • To explore business opportunities and synergy in Korea
  • To invite investors, R&D and enterprises to establish Hong Kong operations for the Mainland Chinese market

On behalf of the delegation, thank you for the sponsorship and all the arrangement. Special thanks must be delivered to the Korean Mobile Technology Convergence Centre for the invitation.

We look forward to a safe and fruitful trip.

Hong Kong Linux Industry Association