Congratulatory Message by

Mr E Anthony Tan, Chief Executive Officer,
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Nowadays, I am sure no one would doubt that innovation and technology is a vital component in building a diverse and balanced economy for a more sustainable future. It creates value both on the macroeconomic as well as personal levels.

For years, the development and advancement of ICT has enabled companies to cope with ever changing business challenges and to capture new opportunities both locally as well as overseas. In todayˇ¦s global business environment, ICT undeniably plays an important role in empowering companies to efficiently deploy resources, making them more agile and responsive to market changes.

We at Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) are fully committed to reinforcing Hong Kongˇ¦s position as a regional technology hub through the provision of first-rate infrastructure and market focused support services. To date, we have over 340 companies residing in the Science Park, of which 35% are in the ICT cluster, devoting arduous efforts to the research and development of innovative technologies. HKSTPC is proud to have been taking an active role in helping with commercialisation of these efforts to produce products that effect positive changes in peopleˇ¦s lives.

We are delighted to support this study mission of ICT elites of our own to meet and exchange knowledge with Korean counterparts. We are confident that you will make the best of this opportunity to continue to raise the standard of ICT in Hong Kong and expand the domain of the ICT sector.

We look forward to our continued partnership in striving to maintain Hong Kongˇ¦s competitive edge through encouraging and enabling the development of more innovative technologies and applications in ICT.