Hong Kong Linux Industry Association

Annual Dinner 2009

20 August, 2009

Shing Hin Restaurant, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong.

The venue of the annual event was carefully chosen the restaurant located in the campus of the tertiary institution.
Tom and Chloe man the reception. MY and Antony are having series discussions.
John and Robert greet each another. Prof Poon is chatting with Dr. NK Cheung and Felix Chan.
Guests group photo. (Left to right) DK Leung, Anthony Tan, MY Wong, Jeremy, Gordon and Vincent.
Guests group photo. (Left to right) KT Yung, DK Leung, Anthony Tan, MY Wong, Jeremy, John, Vincent and Gordon.
Hon. Dr. Samson Tam delivered the opening remarks.
DK Leung and Alan are friends for more than 30 years.
William received lucky draw prize from Paul.
Matthew received his prize from Alan.
Peter received the Hansee Netbook from David. Prize was sponsored by China Legend.
Hilton Law received first prize sponsored by Ray Electronics.
The gorgeous MC Fion photo with Alan.
Alan, Vincy and Thomas.
Photos by Hui Yee Kwok, scripts by Alan Kan