International ICT Expo 2005

14 - 17 April, 2005

International ICT Expo is a major IT event that puts the focus on the fast-moving information and communications technology sector, highlighting the latest technologies and products in Hong Kong. 

The following HKLIA members participated in this event displaying their latest products and services during the EXPO.

 Hong Kong Linux Industry Association             

            Abas Business Solutions (PRC) Limited                  Clever Motion Technology Limited            

Oasis Hospitality Software Limited                     Webforce (HK) Limited  

Linux Pilot                    Novell  


The Business Case for Open Source Innovation

The seminar was held on April 16, 2004 at 10:00AM. It attracted almost 100 audiences. Our Acting Chairman, Mr. Alan Kan, Managing Director of Clever Motion Technology Ltd., presented a welcome remarks and delivered a talk on  "Paperless Management System using Open Source ". Mr. Vincent Lau, CTO of Abas Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd., also presented a talk "Marketing a Linux Application in HK and China" during the seminar.  Wilson Cheng of Novell presented the talk on " Is Linux ready for Enterprises?"

 Mr. Wang Siew-kiat, Mr. Zunix Ling, Mr. Vincent Lau, Mr. Stephen Pong, Dr. Lam Wai-kin, Ms. Angela Ho, Mr. Alan Kan, Mr. Glament Lai, Mr. Sunny Tung (from left to right) 

Moderator Dr. Lam Wai-kin, Director, School of IT & Digital Design, The Chinese University of HK


Mr. Alan Kan, Acting Chairman of Hong Kong  Linux Industry Association delivered welcome remarks and presentation on "Paperless Management System using Open Source"

Ms. Angel Ho, Manager, TDC Service Promotion,
Mr. Vincent Lau and Mr. Alan Kan 

 Mr. Vincent Lau 

Mr. Zunix Ling, Consultant, 
Open Standard Support Organization

Mr. Wilson Cheng, Sr. System Engineer, 
Novell (HK) Ltd.

Mr. Glament Lai, Sr. Sales Specialist, 
Software Group, IBM HK

Mr. Albert Chung, Chairman, 
Open Standard Support Organization

Panel discussion and Q & A

 Dr. Lam congratulates all speakers 
for their excellent talks 

Acknowledgement : Photos were taken by Mr. Stephen Pong
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