Joint Networking Dinner with

8th July, 2005

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In July, HKLIA had the honour to dine with the executive committee of iPROA which is an organisation with over 1,000 successful corporate members and managed by devoted executive committee members.

The dinner was conducted in a friendly and causal manner. Members from both organisations exchanged their view points and share their insight in the IT business.

HKLIA was invited as supporting organisation for the 2005 China Internet Conference on 1-3 September, 2005 in Beijing. 2005 China Internet Conference aims to further the collaboration among Internet businesses within China and also between China and the overseas market. This is the fourth year that the Conference has been held. The whole world now has more than 880 million Internet users and this number is still growing. More than 94 million Internet users are from China, and the value of international business transactions conducted over the Internet has reached US$300 billion per year. Obviously, the Internet is having a huge influence on society. 

The main theme of this year's Conference is “Expand Regional Cooperation – Grasp Industrial Opportunities”. It will be one of the largest and most influential ICT platforms in China for businesses to share experiences, knowledge, and technologies, and an unprecedented opportunity to meet more than 3,000 local and overseas delegates and major local distributors from all provinces. Participants will find ample opportunity to gain exciting insights into future technology and upcoming trends, access new markets and network for new partnerships.

Series of presentation, business meetings and matching will be taken place with strong support from China Central Government. HKLIA members are encouraged to participate in the event. For detail, please click this link.

The dinner was ended with laughter and smiles at 9:30PM.



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